Haven’t Been Scammed Yet? You Will Be!

Soon, you will also see announcements of a trial Scam Prevention Workshop. Korry Nelson and I are working together to create a LLL class for you with the goal of arming you with better tools to protect yourself against these criminals.

A Note About Dining Specials

There’s an all-new supplement to the Roadrunner which includes all dining specials for the week. If you did not receive one, please see the dining venues for an additional copy.

June Town Hall Recap

David Ragan, Sr. Vice-President of Resident Services, called the meeting to order at 2:15PM, welcoming the residents in attendance and congratulating two residents who were at Town Hall for the

When to Get on the Wait List

Someone stopped me in the Bistro the other day and told me he often uses the articles that I have been putting in the Roadrunner to share with friends who

What We Know Right Now…

As we shared in the Roadrunner last week, the on-site HonorHealth Clinic will be closing effective October 31, 2017 per the decision made by HonorHealth. Dr. Mawyer will continue to

Happiness Is…

Ok, so I’m always reading articles and often quote them in this space when I write for the Roadrunner.  I saw an interesting recap recently of what makes you happy. 

Lead An Active Life

I was reading about inspirational living the other day and was drawn to an article by Dr. Art Hister, an award winning physician, educator and media personality from Vancouver.  Most

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

There is nothing like turning to the Psalms to find eloquent, beautiful verse.  Psalm 139 is one of my favorites and the line that always rises above the rest is