Roadrunner Content Submission

Below, you may submit content for the Roadrunner newsletter. Please follow the policies as outlined here for all content submissions.

Publication Policy & Information

Roadrunner Newsletter Mission:

To be a reflection of Beatitudes Campus life and purpose.

Contributors & Editors:

  • Senior Content Editor:
    • Korry Nelson, Media Design Specialist – 602-335-8493 (or x18493 on campus)
  • Assistant Content Editor(s):
    • Medhija Karaman, Welcome Center Receptionist – 602-995-2611 (or x0 on campus)
  • Proofing Team:
    • Kathy Amend, Director of Independent Living – 602-433-6192 (or x16192 on campus)
    • Numerous Resident Volunteers

Deadline & Details:

  • Tuesdays by 5:00PM for the following week.
  • Any content received after the above deadline is subject to being bumped to a future edition.
  • Content received prior to deadline takes priority over any content received after.
  • All content submitted to the Roadrunner must be approved by a Staff Liaison (if sent in from a resident or third party).
  • All content is subject to spacing availability.
  • All content may be edited accordingly to reflect our Mission and/or spacing restrictions.

Content Inquiries & Advertising:

Contact Korry Nelson at 602-335-8493 or email [email protected].

Staff Liaisons by Department:

  • This is the title of your article or blurb to be used in the Roadrunner. All blurbs/articles must have a title.
  • Although not required, this is an eye-catching excerpt which describes what your article or blurb is about.
  • These help people search for relevant content on our Community Website. Not required.
  • If you have a photo to go with your article, please add it here. Keep in mind: only use the highest resolution images when attaching to articles. Use the caption box below to describe your photo (if necessary).
  • If you have a document in Word or another program, and it is formatted already - please include that file here.
  • NOTE: Roadrunner is a weekly newsletter. When adding a date, please set the WEEK OF run date to a Monday. If you do not enter a date here, it is assumed that the following week is the run date. Please adhere to our policies.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If different from yourself, or you are not logged into the site.