A Shopper’s Paradise

Need a great greeting card for 10 cents, a couple of wine glasses, maybe a change of linens or a designer dress for $8? How about a small end table

Redevelopment Update

We expect the pour of ready-mix/concrete for the floor slabs for building one this Friday, the 31st.   The pour for the footings for the second building could be Monday the

Dedicating Ourselves To Carrying On

By now, you have likely heard the very sad news that our Beatitudes Campus founder, Dr. Culver H. (Bill) Nelson, passed away on Friday April 14, 2019. Beatitudes Campus has lost a visionary leader and our community has lost an amazing soul.

Be a Community Wednesday

Here is the line-up for the month of March—1st Wednesday at 2:00PM (LC) Community Town Hall; 2nd Wednesday at 2:00PM (LC) Community Residents Council; 3rd Wednesday at 2:00PM (PB) Wednesdays Sundaes with Dave; 4th Wednesday at 2:00PM (LC) Community Welcome Coffee with New Residents…. read full article here

Courage and Joy

Fifty-five years ago, the visionaries and pioneers of Beatitudes Campus held a historic groundbreaking on undeveloped farm land, bought for $25,000 an acre, with a vision to change the face

LifeLong Learners Update

You’ve been asking—when is the new catalog coming out? When do classes start? I hope we’re having a short story class again. What’s Tom Denny teaching this time? Your questions

It’s the “Feeling”

One of the most important aspects of why folks choose a lifeplan community is the environment.  By that, I am not referring to the air quality or the paint color. 

A Christmas Classic

At Christmas-time I love watching the timeless and treasured classics like Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas. This year celebrates the 53rd anniversary of

Our New Program is Beginning!

Stop by Elaine’s on Monday, August 20 at 6PM to hear about the new “Let’s get Acquainted” program that is beginning.  We will be sharing how we see the program

Keep Learning, Growing and Living Better!

Springtime means graduation season. There is a recent and growing trend among college graduates that is garnering a lot of attention. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, by

While I Am Out

As maternity leave is quickly approaching, I have been asked, “Who will take over while you are away?” With Monica and I both out, Jon Schilling will be housing in

Hello Beatitudes!

I was asked to write my first article while Jon Schilling was on vacation.  Since I’m one of the newest full time employees, I thought that it would be best